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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

This is the ultimate in all of big game hunting in North America. Here at Carter Outfitting ltd. We pride ourselves in our "Sheep Hunts" and provide what we believe is the finest fair chase hunt possible in Alberta!

With a great Ram population and a lot of time spent prescouting the area before the season, our success rates are higher than average. A month ahead of the 1st hunt we have guides our locating rams for your hunt. In the 2003 season 3 out of 4 hunters took their rams on the 1st day of their hunt.

Base camp is remote and can only be accessed by horseback. A comfortable camp with cook tent, heated sleep tents, shower and professional staff on hand are all provided on your hunt. The average ram in the area will score 165" but trophies of over 180" have been taken in the region.

If needed we will use spike camps to hunt further into the area.

Whitetail Deer

If your dream is to hunt the largest bodied and largest antlered Whitetail Deer in North America than you need to book your next hunt with Carter Outfitting ltd. Our hunting area has consistently produced huge, heavy horned bucks and every year looks better as deer populations are on the increase and resident hunting pressure is as low as it has ever been.

The area that we hunt is located one hour west of Edmonton and has a large variety of terrain, including thousands of acres of farmland, boreal forest and river bottoms.

We hunt out of ground blinds and tree stands, overlooking feeding areas, heavily used travel and funnel routes and of course, scrape lines. All blinds are provided with heat for those cold November days to make your hunt as comfortable as possible.

Accommodations are great, the food is fabulous and our guides have the inside track on your “Alberta buck”.

 Mule Deer

The mule deer hunting in our area is amongst the best in North America. The world record non-typical mule deer hails from our region, killed many years ago. Mule Deer populations are as strong as they have ever been due in large part to the fact that the resident hunters are restricted to a limited only draw.

We conduct our hunts by two methods. One is by blind hunting over very productive agriculture land. The second method we use is by spot and stalking along the river banks of the Pembina River.

Our deer average between 24" and 28". They are heavy horned and are huge bodied.

Accommodations are very comfortable with great home cooked meals and top notch professional guides.

Archery Moose

Our hunting area has without question the largest Canadian moose in all of Alberta. Bull’s in the region are of the caliber of Yukon/Alaskan moose. Many 55” plus bulls have been taken with the potential of harvesting up to a 65” bull.

This hunt is conducted during the peak of the rut in mid September. A mature bull moose will weight over 1300 lbs and it is quite a sight when you see a couple of these monsters fight which we often do on this hunt.

All of our guides are experienced moose callers and know the country inside out. If you want a high energy hunt with a lot of action this is the adventure of a lifetime.

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